Saturday, January 21, 2012


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From: justice for australians 
Date: Sat, Jan 21, 2012 at 7:26 PM
Subject: update on court case in magistrates court

Well....we are off to trial.
Armadale City Council was supposed to provide full disclosur.  They didn't of course.  I rang Ann Wood (their lawyer) and asked for an unedited copy of the original complaints made against the use of our property.   She said it was irrelevant.  I said it is very relevant.  She said well you will have to ask the court for it.
So Wood asked Langdon (magistrate) not to have the original complaints disclosed as it was not relevant.  Langdon agreed.  I told her it is very relevant and demand to have it.
I said I am the director administrator and beneficiary here. You are the public servant and I demand this info.  Langdon said be very careful what you say Ms Chapman or you will be charged with contempt.  I said my name is Donna.  Contempt with what?  No response from her.
Wood also told Langdon that we would be fighting using a constitutional matter and there would be 2 witnesses.  that they would need about 3 hrs.  langdon said well the issue of constitution has already been sorted out in the supreme court so I can't see that we would need more than an hour.  Langdon has already made up her mind before hearing.
They have no idea.  I am not using the constitution.  I already knew it would not be success in the magistrates court.  But due to the fact that I know there are people that could be on my email list that are not genuinely interested for the right reasons I will not publish what I have until after the case.  If you do want to know and you have a pending case before 3 May, please give me a call or email me.
Anyway to cut it short (as it was pretty short) hearing is 3 May.  I really do think (as we are already stuck in the system at the moment) that we have something they would not expect.  So we will see.
The other thing is there are quite a few new people on my email list.  Please email or ring me if there is something you need to know.  I am about to do an email check just to make sure everyone is receiving emails.  It is important I find out if everyone is getting the mail.  I have had a few people saying they don't receive anything from this address but they do on the insanitydc address.
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