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RE: Hello Nicholas.

Gregory Orfanidis via LinkedIn
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Date: 2/21/2013
Subject: RE: Hello Nicholas.
Hello Nicholas,

That's fantastic to hear, and thank you for the nice words also.

As I said, I don't ever intend for this to infringe on your time, and so with your permission, I will keep your contact details handy to utilise purely in the event the committee requires legal advice (which may be very rarely).

Thank you again Nicholas. Keep fighting the good fight.

Kindest Regards,

Greg Orfanidis
National Secretary

On 02/18/13 7:14 AM, Nicholas N Chin wrote:
Thank you Greg for your kindly words. The Almighty Creator shall reward for your just thoughts and your predisposition to want to know the Truth. I am willing to play the role you have entrusted me to and shall be happy to hear further from you.

On 01/02/13 4:52 AM, Gregory Orfanidis wrote:
Hello Nicholas,

It's great to make a connection with you on LinkedIn.

As an ASP member, and as a legal professional, I was hoping that you'd consider a proposal that I'm about to make.

The ASP has now obtained its requisite to register federally in time for the upcoming election. We’ve attracted some invaluable people that have become active members – a couple of economists, a marketer, a graphics designer, and many others. The one very important role we haven’t yet covered is a legal advisor – which is why I’m writing to you.

We all have our full-time jobs and are busy, as I’m sure you are, so I don’t want you to get the wrong impression of what I’m proposing here. The Legal Advisor role is not an office-bearer role, so you won’t need to be actively involved – unless you want to be of course. We essentially need someone with your background and expertise to fulfil this role to simply advise on matters legal if and when we require something confirmed or expertly assessed. Again, this is not designed to infringe on your work at all, and there is never any pressure associated with this role.

Let me know your thoughts. I'll respect your decision either way. Looking forward to your response.

Kindest Regards,

Greg Orfanidis.

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