Thursday, November 30, 2017


Nicholas Ni Kok Chin 387 Alexander Drive DIANELLA WA 6059 Ph: 08 92757440 Mobile: 0421642735 Email: Date: 1st December, 2017 Mr. Dennis Barich Legal Officer Legal Practice Board of Western Australia Level 6, 111 St. Georges Terrace, PERTH WA 6000 Ph: 6211 3600 Email: GENERAL@LPBWA.COM PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTDIAL Dear Sir ENGAGING, OR REPRESENTING ENTITLEMENT TO ENGAGE, IN LEGAL PRACTICE WHEN NOT ENTITLED Thank you for your reply letter dated 30th November, 2017 to my response to your earlier letter dated 29th November, 2017. I would to respond to you as follows: 1. I agree to your paragraphs 1 and 2. 2. As to your paragraphs 3, I have acceded to your request to re-enter my Linked-In website at: and I saw my barrister portrait photo with barrister’s wig, and robe and but no jabot, and I did the following things: 2.1. I clicked on More and clicked on Report/Block and I clicked on a Window: “What do you want to do? came up. 2.2. I then clicked on “Report the Image” then a window with “Tell us a little more”. 2.3. I then clicked on “I think this image is offensive or inappropriate.” and clicked on “Submit”. 2.4. I have done everything I could to remove what you consider to be an offensive image and there is nothing else that I can do. 3. As to your paragraph 4, I could not find anywhere in my blogger profile in JUSTICE FOR A FORMER LAWYER, the words: “can practise law under supervision” as at: I therefore exercised my discretion by adding the following words under the heading Favourite Movies, the following words: I am now being told by Mr. Denis Barich that even if I wanted to, I cannot practise a lawyer under supervision as at 30.11.2017”. 4. As to your paragraph 5 (1), I have taken the following steps: 4.1. Prima facei my mind would link to Mr. Ian Robert Jack, my builder to this website: 4.2. The reasons for this link are the following: 4.2.1. He assaulted me on 3.11.2017; 4.2.2. He probably pissed on my evaporative air conditioner and we had the smell of urine for a few days within the vicinity of 3.11.2016. 4.2.3. Nicolas Watson electrician unreasonably demanded monies in July 2017 that is not due to him and it is is probably incited by Ian Jack, who had contact with him. 4.2.4. My Nissan X Trail windscreen was screwed to smithereens some time in July 2017 when Ian Jack was building the front unauthorized retaining wall as part of his contract work. 4.2.5. I have lodged a police report for the broken windscreen suspecting it was Nicholas Watson but now thinks otherwise. 4.2.6. Ian Jack was always harping on the fact that if I were to complain against him for the uncompleted works or the unauthorized works despite having been over paid by my spouse an overreached sum of $2,7904.61 for the full price of the job of about $.... of monies contributed by my family for the job. 4.2.7. I have no idea of how that website bearing my name as barrister and solicitor is appearing there and I would not want to ask nor contact anyone for fear of antagonising someone. I would never have written my name as such as I have always disclaimed in every other site that I am a practising barrister and solicitor and why should I be doing it otherwise in this particular website. 4.2.8. I do not even know that it exists until Mr. Barich’s letter dated 28.11.2017 when I discovered it and I have reported to ACORN to deal with it. 4.3. As for the link, I clicked on it and there is message which says: Unable to open: - cannot locate the internet server or proxy server. Yours faithfully NICHOLAS N CHIN

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