Friday, September 21, 2012


From: Nicholas N Chin []
Sent: Friday, 21 September 2012 4:01 PM
Subject: NNC-VR87OF2009-ACCOUNT-LPB21092012L.doc

Our Ref: VR87 of 2012  

The Legal Practice Board Atten: Ms. Libby Fulham, Legal Officer
5th Floor, Kings Building
533, Hay Street, PEERTH WA 6000.
Phone: 08 6211 3600;  Fax: 08 9325 2743

Dear Sir


I refer to the above matter and would like to state as follows:

1) The ludicrous and unprecedented findings (of thirteen Professional Misconduct and two Unprofessional Misconduct) against me as a former lawyer based on the alleged grounds of dishonesty that does not pass the common law test of misappropriation of property or monies nor are they ever based on deception through fraud or a conspiracy to defraud. They are leaving me as a lawyer who is going to be struck off the roll without a crime or an “unfitness” that defies imagination.  No reasonable person in his sane mind can ever conceive of a lawyer being faulted under circumstances of lack of any willful misconduct on his part. Yet the LPCC is capable of doing this and the Tribunal is guile enough to accept its malicious persecution of me as a real prosecution.  I have asked for the forthcoming trial to strike me off the roll to be determined by a jury and five judges but this just request has been refused in LPD2 of 2012.  The ludicrous findings are delivered by the State Administrative Tribunal on 24.4.2012 and they have been refuted by me in my two written submissions dated 14.5.2012 and 29.5.2012 as indicated in paragraph 12 of the final judgment by SAT dated 20.8.2012 in LEGAL PROFESSION COMPLAINTS COMMITTEE and CHIN [2012] WASAT77(S).  I am now despairing of making any further efforts to put up any more fight; there seems to be no law nor any human reasoning left in the judicial system; alas, it will sap my energy for any more fight left within me. I will just have to resign to my fate as there are two systems of law in our judicial system, one for the powerful and the unrighteous and one for the poor, the oppressed and the innocent.      
2) The LPCC has its own cronies and will not cease to defend them vigorously and will continue to protect them even when they are clear cut and crystal clear evidence before the court and even when they are the oppressors and I am the oppressed.  The learned President can make the clear cut evidence disappear as in the case of Maurice Law in VR158 of 2011 and their stand that I have made false allegations against fellow practitioners in terms of Mr. Thies and Mr. Taylor will not go away no matter what crystal clear evidence I produce before the tribunal, because they are doomed not to accept them and there is no human reasoning for doing so. I have fought and all the evidence of my fighting is at my blogspot and other blogspot when you Google my name. 
3) I refer to your letter dated 19.9.2011 regarding my undertaking not to represent entitlement to engage in legal practice.  I already communicated with you through email dated 19.8.2012 and my re-emailing it to you today after I have spoken to your Ms. Manners and spoke to her about it and leaving for you my contact numbers with her. My response email is at the link:
4) In respect of the account of $16,721.42, I am unable to pay for it as I have no means for doing so as the Legal Practice Board had stopped me from earning any income since 12.9.2006.
Yours faithfully,



  1. im MacLeod
    5:38 PM (4 minutes ago)

    to me, Eddie, Harry, phill, Pauline, Sam, alessandro, Aida, Nirvana, bevan, jafin, Rogerio, A, James
    Hi Nicholas

    If the justice system is toxic and you are without avenues to be appropriately enabled to state your case and be heard with fair equitable and humane values in front of a panel of your peers - as all citizens have been led to believe should be natural rights and automatic – then something has gone very seriously wrong with the justice system and the citizens watchfulness and especially the governance of this country which appear to have either allowed such culpabilities you have presented in your recent correspondences or they are completely out of touch with the situation.

    I have only just gains some traction / awareness of your matters and am still a bit stunned at what the magnitude of this portends. While I don’t know you personally Nicholas I can deeply empathise with the plight you find yourself in.

    The question arises – “Where to from here?” – That is a quote from a personal letter sent to me by john Hatton (do you recall the Justice Woods inquiry into NSW in the nineties which John initiated. At the time he too was feeling exactly like you say you feel in this email you sent. Of course there is far more and I would like the opportunity to stay in correspondence with you regards the situation regards how the situation may yet be enabled to your betterment.

    I just wanted to send these fleeting thoughts of support for you knowing there have been many travesties over many decades and you now appear to be the latest casualty – stay strong – and be aware that courage in adversity is a very admirable quality – but it helps to hear other voices in your time of world weariness.

    Funny just as your email arrived I was watching again the story of Krishna and Arjuna on the battlefield – does it ring any bells – if not look it up
    Thanks for the update

    Best wishes

    MacLeod (

  2. On Wed, Sep 26, 2012 at 6:39 AM, Jim MacLeod wrote:
    Appreciate your noble thoughts Nicholas – as the world wallows in catastrophes and confusion – the new lightness and wellbeing must emerge from individuals quietly going about what is necessary in the face of formidable odds. Each of us does our little bit – whenever wherever we can – you know that
    Many discussions ongoing and a lot of research into the longstanding lies and manipulations that have plagued and put propaganda in the planet truth and honesty are the pieces that need to be restored – but there are those who are desperate to prevent that from happening…..
    Thanks also for the garden thoughts powerpoint….
    Always good to hear see and know that wellbeing is circulating potentially for people….too many people live lives of quiet desperation
    Kind thoughts
    MacLeod (J