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BANKS, GOVERNMENTS, CORPORATIONS, UCC and General Maddox - Real News Australia...
"There are TWO kinds of law on the earth that  rule the whole earth (alleged rule - they are now ALL foreclosed), but most people don't know that... All over the world all (alleged) "governments" are ruled by what is called (alleged) "Roman Civil Law" which is called in all (alleged) countries the "Law of The Land",,,BUT (big but here) there is a SECOND LAW law that also operates all over the earth identical - its called UCC - Uniform Commercial Code...that is the (alleged) "law of god" in the WORLD of business...if you have a company, if you have a corporation, if you are doing business where you buy and sell and make (alleged) are operating on this earth under something called UCC because if all countries worked on a different commercial code then no body could do business with any body. The most severe law in this world is called UCC, its the "bible of business" on the earth...UCC is based directly on the (sinister ecclesiastical) Vatican Code of Cannon Law..." - Jordan Maxwell
Well the ramifications of this are staggering. What this means is that everything you’ve come to understand as the “Australian Government” is not actually government but a corporate entity masquerading as government. Essentially our government was hijacked and corporatised. As it turns out this type of large scale deception goes on all around the world. That sort of statement no longer shocks people as we’re so desensitised to it now.
But what’s worse is that people are willing to go along with it and do nothing.
Here’s an easy to understand synopsis by Andy Whiteley of
Understanding that corporations, governments and banks are one and the same, an “Order of Finding and Action” was filed against the “the debtor”, a legal entity created via the UCC process which encompasses all corporate entities. The filings claim that the Debtor “knowingly, willingly and intentionally committed treason” by “owning, operating, aiding and abetting private money systems” and “operating Slavery Systems used against… citizens without their knowing, willing and intentional consent”.
UCC filings are public records, and follow standard administrative processes. When facing a claim, an entity (in this case “the Debtor”) is given the right of rebuttal. If a rebuttal is not received within the required timeframe, a default action then applies, followed by termination of that entity; in this case, on the grounds that it failed to rebut charges of treason by “the One People”.
The important thing to understand here is that a UCC filing stands as law if it remains unrebutted. And in this case, the OPPT Trustees ensured they created a legal situation in which the individuals and entities that form “the debtor” had no ability to rebut. How could they? The claims of slavery and fraud are true.
Of course, no rebuttal was received.
The ‘Debtor’ is therefore guilty of treason.
As remedy, corporations are foreclosed and their assets re-claimed.
The wealth of our planet is returned to “the One People”.
All corporate debt is erased.
“The system” is terminated.
The public record shows it.
The UCC filing stands as international law.
By the system’s own terms, it no longer exists.
We are free!!

Make sense?
Of course the system is doing its best to ignore it and hoping it will just go away. No main stream media has even touched this extraordinary issue. The system simply continues the status quo.
Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf one of the trustees of OPPT and former lawyer from within the inner circles of the banking elite, had this to say:
“In every code, statute, law on the books around the globe…a declaration unrebutted stands as absolute truth… the boys on the hill (Washington D.C.) to the other side of the pond (London) to the mountains (Switzerland) to the east (China) have been trying to find a loop hole… a way to rebut… but since July 25th, 2012 when the BE’ing and BE’ings value were duly secured… if they haven’t found it by now… they won’t… but i wait for the attempt by duly verified sworn rebuttal, made with specificity and particularity… meanwhile, isn’t it time we all moved on to BE’ing and DO’ing with systems that assist our BE’ing and DO’ing?”
I couldn’t agree more.
General Maddox
BIRTH CERTIFICATE - U.C.C - Jordan Maxwell (6 mins)...
PROOF by Scott Bartle - all Australian banks are using UCC law...(scroll down page)
PROOF by Scott Bartle - this diagram UCC Collateral WESTPAC BANK illustrates how we’re all tied into the slavery system...(scroll down page)
One Spirit...One World...One Humankind...
The One People :)

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