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L Fedeli
10:00 PM (21 hours ago)
to me
Dear Mr. Fedeli: 
I am Nicholas N Chin.  My credentials are as indicated in my blogspot which you can Google by using my name Nicholas N Chin or by typing Just Grounds Community and then click for Nicholas N Chin Page or Discussions to get to the various links of my blogspot. 
In order to help you, I need you to provide me with a Statement of Chronlogy defining the events that have led you into your current affray. 
The headings for the Table of Chronology would be: 
Item No.   Date.  Short Description of the Event 
Once we have that I and Mr. Jim MacLeod would then analyse it and we might have to question you on some issues. 
Then we hopefully will be able to tell where you have gone wrong and is on the right track.
The role of Governors
*to determine the dates of sessions of Parliament
*to dissolve parliament and issue writs for a general election
*to assent bills passed by both house of parliament
*to appoint the premier, ministers of the Crown, judges and senior office \holders
*to preside over the Executive Council
*to issue regulation and proclamations under existing law and
*to exercise  the prerogative of mercy.
 I am full aware that my English skill is up to the scratches but is not the role of our Excellency Governor to elect ( or reject) judges and to issue regulation and proclamation under the law and exercise prerogative of mercy?
Now happen that a lot of senior office holders ( attorney, court registrar, solicitors, ombudsman,  ministers for justice and judges) are in breach of Crime Act 1914 Sect 43. Do your Excellency apply the prerogative of mercy before knowing the real crime committed by those senior's office holders or before straight up their wrong doing? Please find some documents that are so undeniably irrefutably  incriminating that refusing to acknowledge them is a crime in itself. So including please find a denials from former attorney general John Hatzistergos and Legal Service Commissioner Steve Mark about two solicitors Peter Robert James and Anthony John Gallagher. The registrations of those inexistent solicitors Peter Robert James and Anthony John Gallagher. Plus a false court ledger, by Peter Robert James, predated three year earlier 1985 in a local court presided by a magistrate just to beat the Legal Professional Act which require, to lodge a complaint within three years and a declaration by sheriff of the court Ian Steele that declare that was 1988 in a District Court presided by a judge. Might I see justice before am losing completely my sight.
Many thanks.
 Lamberto Fedeli 226 Elswick Street Leichhardt NSW 2040 Ph. 02-89647367. 
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